Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 is in my review

2012 has been a year filled with both ups and downs. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right? Well...that's debatable. 2012 started off rocky but eventually turned out to hold some major life changes. 
::On a whim, I applied to a charter school in Camden. I surprisingly received a call back (unlike some other districts I've applied to) and was called in to interview. After interviewing and doing a demo lesson I was hired on the spot! Crazy, right? No one wanted me to take the job. Saying "It's too dangerous." or "I wouldn't take a job in Camden if it was the last job available." I think I had my mind already made up. I'm like that sometimes. (okay all the time) I ask for advice but my decision has already been made. I needed to challenge myself and a challenge is what I got. This job is one of the most difficult things I have done. It is physically and mentally taxing, but in the long run I know I am growing as a person and an educator. Along the way, I met some pretty special people. They brighten my day with their twisted humor and it always helps to know you're not alone in the daily struggles of inner city teaching. Saying goodbye to my OLPH family was sad. My heart will forever remain loyal to them, but I am proud of decision. Even if it will only be for a short while, it will impact me for the rest of my life. Plus, if I can teach in Camden anywhere else would be a cake walk in comparison!::
:: Scott made another job change this year. Landing a 9-5 job has really changed the dynamics of our relationship. Considering we were always ships that pass in the night it was a great change of pace for us. Dinner together every night. Being able to catch up on the daily grind face to face not via texting.  It's nice to feel like I actually have a husband :o)::
:: This past fall my poppop passed away. There is a gaping hole in my heart from this devastating loss. I idolized him since childhood. We had a bond that "outsiders" would never understand. He was the kindest, silliest, most loyal person I have ever met. Sadly, the world is missing out after losing such an upstanding man. I can only hope to continue making him proud (which was difficult to do) I only wish I had a chance to say goodbye. I'm sure he's watching over me making his usual commentary. I'm not sure if I will ever heal from this. I know it's all part of life, but you can never fully prepare yourself for this kind of loss. I still cry at least once a day over him. You'd think I'd be all cried out by now. Sometimes they are happy tears when reminiscing over the good times we've had. Usually, they are still sad tears. Still wondering why he was taken from me so swiftly. You never realize how little time you actually have with loved ones. If only life had a rewind button..::

Going into the new year, you make resolutions you don't keep.  I need to truly commit or it isn't worth it. I need to be the change I want to see in the world.
::Patience is not my virtue. I want instant gratification and life doesn't always work that way. I have strict plans or schedules set up in my head and I do not patiently wait for things to come my way. Sometimes I think that is divine providence stepping in to say, "sit back and enjoy the ride." Before I can do that my mind has already moved onto the next item on my mental laundry list of things that need to be accomplished and I never truly get to enjoy it. ::
::I need to be more positive. Sometimes I feel like if my life were a cartoon I'd have the ominous black storm cloud hanging over my head. My negativity radiates off me and is a very unattractive quality. I need to start looking for the silver lining or I need to at least try. ::
I hope 2013 brings my family and me lots of love and happiness & more laughter and less tears this year.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Adios 2011

Wow, what a year! Sometimes it's good to sit back and reflect and procrastinate.
  • Employment- My husband and I have been extremely blessed this past year. He landed a steady, full time job that although steals my time with him, allows us to pay the bills and not live in a cardboard box.
  • Molding Minds- I've been doing the same thing...putt-zing a long in First Grade Land trying to keep myself ...I mean them entertained. I love teaching, but I gotta tell ya it is down-right draining sometimes and completely and totally worth it... once June rolls around!
  • Godmother of the Year Award- My Goddaughter/niece was born this year! I never thought I could fall in love so quickly, but she stole my heart from the moment I met her. She's quite the cutie. I'm also not quite sure I can top her, so it looks like were not having any kids!
  • Homeowners- We became homeowners. After a long, agonizing process of dealing with government offices I didn't even know existed our house keys were finally handed over! That finally made adulthood feel real. That and rolling around on my carpeted living room!
  • Is there a Doctor in the House?- Why, funny you should ask that, yes, yes there is a doctor in the house. My sister (who I live vicariously through) passed her boards!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Table Waiting Woes

With money getting tight I've contemplated tying the apron back on and serving again for an under the table boost my wallet needs. I've waited tables pretty much all through high school and college, it's really not a bad gig if you are at the right place. However, the down side is my issue with tippers and their lack of understanding how the system works.

I completely agree that if you have awful service you shouldn't tip 20%, hell, you shouldn't tip 18%. I know when I worked, I worked hard for my money and if I messed up a table I didn't expect a good tip. However, you have certain individuals that use kitchen wait time as a way to get out of tipping. Last time I checked, I wasn't in front of the grill. If you have an issue with how long your food took, take it up with my man Edgar the line cook.

You also have the verbal tipper. "Laura, you did such a wonderful job" and "Best service I've ever had!" or even "Don't worry, I'ma hook you up." Then, you walk over to the book and you open it up thinking about how easy it will be to pay the bills this month and you're looking at a 10% tip or less. Whomp. Whomp. Guess what, your beautiful litany of compliments is awesome, however, Comcast isn't accepting a pat on the back to pay my cable bill.

So one day, I'm minding my own business, making my measly $2.13 at work when a news story comes on about Oprah and her money saving tips for people. You know Oprah with her everlasting wisdom raining down from the heavens and stay at home moms who hang on her every last word. Whether it is true or not, I don't really care, because it is this mentality that frustrates me. The gist of the report was it is a server's choice to work there and tipping is optional. Well, here is a money saving tip for you, instead of cheating your server out of money and pocketing and extra five bucks....go make your own dinner and save yourself at least forty dollars and a server a headache from dealing with someone like you.

As a server, you see it all and unless you walk a mile in our slip resistant shoes you will never fully understand.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Frank who? Forget him!

I'm thoroughly disappointed in the bachelorette Ali's maturity! Frank screws you over and you don't want to leave him AND give him a hug before he leaves you for his ex-girlfriend? What are you thinking?!? I'm sorry, maybe this is my Jersey-ness kicking in, but he would have had an imprint of the bottom of my flip-flop on his cheek. Watch out ABC producers, Jersey Shore meets the Bachelorette.

Gee Frank, I'm glad you had an epiphany two episodes before the finale that you were in love with your ex-girlfriend. (Who might I add, is not as cute as Ali.) Frank seemed to be a few French Fries short of a happy meal as is, but this decision solidifies my original assessment of him... LOSER!!! I'll be taking bets on whether this is another publicity stunt to launch his newly discovered acting career or not. Hey, maybe he and Jake can star in a sitcom together!

And Ali, as much as I like you, you cried entirely way too many tears over him. Cut your losses and move on! You have two great guys left. Personally, I'm team Chris! Any guy who cares that much about his family is good in my book.

Unfortunately, I've read a few spoilers and if Ali really does choose to go solo I'll be rather disappointed for two reasons. Reason #1, I love, love, love Chris and I don't think he deserves to have his heart broken. Reason #2, I have dedicated my entire life to keeping up with this stupid show and like Frank, I will have no closure after this season and feel like a huge nerd!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oregon Trail Life Lessons

I'm not really sure who came up with the saying that "money doesn't buy you happiness," because I'm thinking it was probably someone rich and unhappy who was bored with rolling around in their sacks of money. I am a true believer that money CAN buy you happiness, if spent on the correct things. I don't know about you, but I know that new clothes make me happy, going on extravagant vacations makes me pretty happy, and purchasing a new car would really make me happy. I don't think I've ever really seen a woman leaving the mall, arms filled with bags of new clothing with a frown on her face. It's just not genetically possible. To obtain each of those you need that funny green stuff that the government spits out from the Treasury Department. You know, it comes in check form from that awful 9-5 job you go to Mondays through Fridays. It's not like I can pay for these things with rainbows and butterflies.

It's very frustrating to me when bills come at the exact same time as your pay check, total conspiracy. I feel like the people at the electric company stalk my mail person until they find out when pay day is, and then they gingerly slip a $145 electric bill in my mailbox and walk away whistling, possibly twisting their handlebar mustache, and swinging around a walking cane in the other hand. By the time I'm done paying by bills, I'm left with a couple coins and some lint in my pocket, only to lather, rinse, and repeat or something like that.

I wish life could be like a rap video, rolling around in hundred dollar bills, spraying expensive champagne, possibly getting shot at by another rival gangster group. I could be happy doing all of the above, minus the last one. If I made it big in the rap industry maybe I could even feature my house on MTV's cribs. This is my living room....walk four steps, that is my kitchen....walk five steps, that is my bedroom...end tour. I'd feel so accomplished filming the ending scene of me waving outside my front door. The apartment 10M sign showing and I'd say something witty like don't hit my VDub on the way out, she's my baby. However, I know that rap is just not in my future, I'm just not that good at rhyming.

Whatever happened to the bartering system? I have some pretty good stuff I could trade. Oregon Trail had it easy compared to today. Hungry? Stop and shoot some buffalo. Thirsty? Take a swig from the old canteen and possibly run the risk of catching Dysentery. The biggest decision they had to make was forge the river or caulk and float. Please, no one took the ferry because it costs money and those future Oregonians didn't have time for that. Big deal, you lose a child or two. You have to be a half glass full kind of person. Yeah, maybe you lost two kids, but you lightened the load for your oxen AND freed up more space for some extra buffalo meat. So what did Oregon Trail really teach us? Save your money. Food and supplies are more important than children. Every pioneer for themselves. Life is hard and then, just before you reach the end of the trail you die, of Typhoid. Hmm.... I guess Oregon Trail was preparing us for real life.